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Who are the Three Bears? - Part 2: Mr Spectacled Bear

Updated: Sep 12, 2019

The three Bears show little Squirrel that help can come in many forms. I based the characters on three important helpers in my life...and I am very happy to share their stories with you.

Bear #2 Spectacled Bear = My friend (and teacher), Mikis

Squirrel is terrified to encounter Mr Spectacled Bear when she creeps into a cave to find more help for her winter preparations. But Squirrel appeals to his creative brain, huge heart, and love of helping woodland critters, and she is surprised to find that he is delighted to help her design a house to keep her sheltered from the cold.

When I first met Mikis (and also sometimes when I see him again after a long time has passed) I am also terrified. But not because Mikis is a horrible person, quite the opposite. Mikis has the biggest heart of anyone I have ever met. And he expresses his love by not doing the 'nice' thing for his friends, but by doing the thing that is best for them. Mikis encourages me to dream big, do the unthinkable, put myself out there and live an exciting life...all terrifying!

Before I met Mikis I was scared to do anything. Yet wanted to do everything. A tricky paradox indeed.

Mikis and his big heart, with his wife Liesje

Two things that Mikis has done for me (amongst many) are:

1. Giving me permission to pursue a childhood dream of making books . Without him I would not ever have thought of making The Happy Book Company, and Squirrel and the Three Bears would probabky not exist; and

2. He believes in me completely.

This second bit of help is the most valuable thing when it comes to making books (or anything else in fact). Mikis doesn't do things for me. He empowers me to do them myself. He sees the best person in me, and believes that I can choose to be that person every day. He wants me to be the person who makes me the most proud. To be the person I can love the most.

So Spectacled Bear helps Squirrel dream up the most amazing house for the winter. He encourages her to dream even bigger, to shoot for the moon, to think up the best house anyone has ever thought up.

So the odd pair get drawing, They have no time to lose, And what goes in the plan, They collectively choose.

And then he sends her on her way.

To build it herself.

Thank you Mikis for sending me on my way to build The Happy Book Company. It makes me so proud and I love myself so much for it.

And I will forever be grateful for you believing in me.

Find out more about the amazing work that Mikis does at .

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