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no matter what happens

We make beautiful children’s books

that show young people how to be happy

with themselves,

in the wonderful world we live in today.


Geoffrey comes runner up!

I am very proud to share that 'Geoffrey Finds a Bike' was shortlisted for the Stratford Literary Festival and Salariya Publishing Picture Book Prize!


'Geoffrey Finds a Bike' is a story about a Giraffe who just wants to ride his beloved bike, but the wind keeps getting in the way.

Following in the hoof-steps of this fabulous Giraffe, I am excited to see where the wind takes us next.

If you are interested in working with Geoffrey and I, please do get in touch.

I love how the book is so encouraging despite all the challenges that Little Tessa faces along the way to become an Astronaut. ​We learn the word "Perseverance" ...no matter how hard it is, as long as you work toward it you’ll achieve it one day !

Larissa Sim, Mum from Singapore

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Thank you Arts Council England!

We recently received funding from the Arts Council's Develop Your Creative Practice Fund, to take The Happy Book Company to exciting new places with exciting new stories.

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Putting my happiness


I'm Tessa: author, illustrator and publisher extraordinaire. Happiness is my number one priority in life, and it is my pleasure to share my mission with you.

read about me!

Enjoying stories together

We host magical storytelling events and creative workshops showing all readers how they can choose happiness for themselves, every single day


Happy books

Squirrel and the Three Bears

Enjoying autumn seemed like a great plan. But when the snow sets in, Squirrel must do whatever it takes to get ready for the cold. Will she dare to ask for help?

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The Girl Who Walked to the Moon

Little Tessa dreams of being the first woman to land on the moon.


After her rocket made from boxes gets her off to a slow start, Tessa sets off on an epic adventure around the world.


 Ancient moon rituals from three different cultures grant her the wisdom she was missing, but will she be able to put it into practice?

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Queen of the stars

Little Tessa is in such a hurry to be the first woman on the moon, she forgets to notice the stars along the way.

Will she slow down enough to remember
why she launched into space in the first place?

In this heart warming misadventure Tessa comes face to face with the strongest force in the universe.

Will she conquer all?

To be published 2021


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