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See The Happy Book Lady in action

How to school author visits work with The Happy Book Lady?

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Storytelling and live drawing workshops

Tessa’s stories are brought to life in an energetic interactive story time. Hear the story behind the story, and get a sneak peak into Tessa’s author journey and artistic process.


Enjoy participatory story reading, with a chat about what makes a Happy Book.


Learn to draw Happy Book characters with Tessa’s easy step-by-step guided live illustration. With The Happy Book Lady everyone is an artist.

The 'Art of Happiness' Workshop

Did you know that everyone can choose happiness for themselves, no matter what?


Tessa works with groups of up to 100 pupils to explore what happiness is, and how we can choose it in our lives.

Top illustration tips and simple visual story-telling techniques empower young artists to create
narratives that serve their happiness.


Workshops can be run on the topics of Vulnerability, inspired by Squirrel and the Three Bears, Resilience with The Girl Who Walked to the Moon, or Togetherness
with Geoffrey Finds A Bike.


What's a storytelling event like?

The Girl Who Walked To The Moon with Tessa Yates
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Tessa and Squirrel and the Bears came during half term for a storytelling and live drawing workshop.


It was a sell-out event. 25 children and their grown ups attended and were enchanted by the story of Squirrel’s bravery and Tessa’s charm and easy storytelling manner.


The live drawing was a huge hit with all the young creatives...bears are squares and squirrels are squiggles don’t you know! The queues of families at the book signing afterwards brought such energy to The Art Cohort.


Tessa is a superstar and we can’t wait to work with her again soon.’

Kat Dawe Schmeisser, The Art Cohort, Bath

What's so great about a school author visit?

Tessa is all at once a great storyteller, illustrator and philosopher. She lives her life by the values she celebrates in her books and is a constant source of inspiration for those who harbour dreams of creating a deeply happy and fulfilling life for themselves.

Primary teacher - The Channing School, Highgate, London

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Thinking of booking a school author visit?

Get in touch with The Happy Book Lady for a 15 minute zoom call to talk about:


  • What you're looking for in a school author visit

  • Which workshop would be best for you

  • How to make the most out of a Happy Book Lady school author visit

  • Dates and availability

  • How the Happy Book Lady can adapt events for your school's needs

  • Which of The Happy Book Lady's awesome books would be best for you


Tessa is an open-hearted visionary. She has the rare ability to weave words into magical realms that invite us back to our inner child to play. Back to a time where we could just walk up to anyone and say “will you be my friend?”


Tessa is not only a Deity of Story, she is an artist in the truest sense of the word...she makes you FEEL. Her whimsical and lovable paintings pair perfectly with her verse for a one-two-knock out into the joy, magic and simplicity of the heart.


I can’t recommend a more valuable teacher for young people.

Mary Twowinds - Founder of  The Happy Place Forest School, Arizona, USA

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