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I love how the book is so encouraging despite all the challenges that Little Tessa faces along the way to become an Astronaut!

We learn the word "Perseverance" here in this book !


No matter how hard it is, as Long as you work toward it you’ll achieve it one day !

Larissa Sim, Mum from Singapore

There’s a lot to it with the different cultures and Tessa’s journey.


I’d love to learn more about those cultures. I have a Shipibo boy doll and I’ve not really researched him much before and now feel inspired to.


I’m sure the book will be a great springboard for discussions about different cultures, ceremonies and values.

Elenor, Owner of Storytale Festival, Bristol, UK

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She travels through snow and ice, deserts and mountains and each place gives her hope, happiness and a solid dose of self-love. 


Though while she has been following her dream, her life has changed in both positive and heart-breaking ways. It is learning to understand and cope that give us strength to continue on the path to our dreams. 

With subtle themes of bereavement, doubt and perseverance this will be perfect for all readers with a dream in their hearts! 

The smile on Tessa's face as she says "I will only succeed; I won't settle for less" is wonderful and reads like a mantra for us all!

Erin, Children's Book Reviewer, Asset Reading Advolcate