One Stop Christmas Shop

One Stop Christmas Shop


Get all your Christmas shopping done and dusted in one easy click. Four Happy Books, gift wrapped with extra goodies AND signed by the author. All delivered well ahead of time, to keep all your nieces, nephews, sons, daughters and godchildren happy.


Pick and Mix 'The Girl Who Walked to the Moon' and 'Squirrel and the Three Bears' using the comments box.


The Girl Who Walked to the Moon

Little Tessa dreams of being the first woman to land on the moon. After her rocket made from boxes gets her off to a slow start, Tessa sets off on an epic adventure around the world to find out how to make her moon dream come true, making amazing discoveries about her super human powers along the way. Ancient moon rituals from three different cultures grant her the wisdom she was missing, but will she be able to put it into practice?

It's a spiritual tale for practical people, showing us that success involves stumbling from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.
Squirrel and the Three Bears


Enjoying autumn seemed like a great plan. But when the snow sets in, Squirrel must do whatever it takes to get ready for the cold. Will she dare to ask for help?


Squirrel is far from perfect, but we learn to love her for this. She is the only Squirrel brave enough to approach the Bears, who end up being much friendlier than we would expect. This is a book about how asking for help is actually the most courageous thing you can do.




Both beautiful picture books are printed on high quality 300gsm paper with a classic matt finish in A4 size.

The Happy Book Company is based in the magical city of Bath, UK.