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Geoffrey Finds a Bike

Shortlisted for Stratford-Salariya Picture Book Prize 2021.

Geoffrey loves his big-red-shiny bicycle, but wishes he had a friend to freewheel with. The wind brings him a biking buddy, but can two giraffes ride one bike?

Click on cover for PDF of Geoffrey Finds a Bike

Geoffrey loves his new bike, but solo cycling is only so much fun. As he dreams of finding a freewheeling friend, the mischievous wind steals his bike away. Glenda loves riding her newfound bike, but it's not long before she wishes for some company too. Geoffrey's intuition leads him to Glenda, and the pedalling pair have to work out how to share their beloved bike. When Gregory turns up to reclaim his lost bicycle property, a storm brews between the three bewildered bikers. Geoffrey is blown away by how the wind had granted him exactly what he wished for, so when the breeze breaks the bike into little pieces, Geoffrey knows exactly what to do to make the gleesome threesome happy again.

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