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no matter what happens

We make beautiful children’s books

that show young people how to be happy

with themselves,

in the wonderful world we live in today.


Geoffrey comes runner up!

I am very proud to share that 'Geoffrey Finds a Bike' was shortlisted for the Stratford Literary Festival and Salariya Publishing Picture Book Prize!


'Geoffrey Finds a Bike' is a story about a Giraffe who just wants to ride his beloved bike, but the wind keeps getting in the way.

Following in the hoof-steps of this fabulous Giraffe, I am excited to see where the wind takes us next.

If you are interested in working with Geoffrey and I, please do get in touch.

I love how the book is so encouraging despite all the challenges that Little Tessa faces along the way to become an Astronaut. ​We learn the word "Perseverance" ...no matter how hard it is, as long as you work toward it you’ll achieve it one day !

Larissa Sim, Mum from Singapore