Queen of the Stars
Picture Book in Development

Little Tessa wants to go to the moon so she can be closer to the stars that she's always loved. When her navigation system stops working, she has to find a new compass to guide her.

I created 2 very different versions of Queen of the Stars. 

The first version (second video) was critiqued by my SCBWI group as being too complex and that the relationship between the characters was not on a level that children would fully understand. And that the story had so many things going on that it could be split into a few books.

I subsequently streamlined the book at the Cambridge School of Art Picture Book Summer School to produce the second dummy version (first video below). The story is more focussed on the relationship between Little Tessa and the Star, and I will save the friendship with another astronaut for another sequel. This second version is a very satisfying story that really makes me feel and I have had good feedback from publishers on the story. I will continue to develop the artwork for this story under the supervision of my Cambridge School of Art MA tutors, and am confident that this is the best route forward for Queen of the Stars.