Alone: All One

Picture Book Idea in Development, about the interconnectedness of things. Although we may sometimes be by ourselves, we are always a part of something much greater.

I was advised by my publishing mentor that some children's publishers like to be very involved in the creative process and therefore are interested in seeing submissions with a punchy pitch, a few sketches, and some well developed final artwork.

I spent much more of my time developing my 2 fiction book dummies, and therefore less time on this non-fiction book. However, I received good feedback from a children's publisher friend on the visual impact of the yellow and black images below, so I will continue to develop the concept of this book under the guidance of my MA tutors.

See bottom of page for video flip throughs of some sketchbooks and page format experiments with yellow and black artwork.

The story starts with a tiny atom, then a seed, a flower, a bee, a penguin and their egg, a runner making breakfast, a runner in a race, a car in a traffic jam, an astronomer, a star, and finally a boy playing a Star Wars video game with his friends on the internet.

Most recently I combined some sketches I made on the theme of 'Togetherness' into the flip through at the top of the page below. I prefer this more human approach to the book concept and will consider the nature of the characters I use in this book from the more human and less meta point of view